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Hawkins Biggins Photography | Personal Client Gallery

Your images have been processed and are ready to be made into prints or purchased for downloads! As you browse those galleries, you might see a red heart underneath each photo. If so, you can click that to tag the photo as one of your Favorites. We will place a copy of it in a separate gallery, just for you and your photographer to see. You can always click it again to undo if you change your mind.

Photo Packages | Buy More for Less

Packages make buying so simple! (1) Click the Buy button and select Buy Photo Package. (2) Scroll through and select the package which fits your needs and desires. (3) You be taken to an area to select the photos where you can simply click on which photos you want for each print size. (4) FYI: Digital downloads aren't available for Packages, but you can go back and add any digital downloads you wish after designing your package and adding it to the cart.

How to add an image to your cart one at a time

(1) Click the Buy button and select This Photo from the menu. (2) Select from the many different sizes and types of prints we offer. (3) Be sure to click the + sign for each product you'd like to add to your cart. (4) Click Checkout if you're ready to finish your order, or click Back to Photos to keep browsing.

How to add multiple images at once

(1) Click the Buy button and select Photos from this Gallery from the menu. (2) You will see a thumbnail of every photo in the gallery so you can click to choose. (3) You can always change the print size or style by clicking on Change Product. (4) Selected photos are bright with blue borders. Click the Add Photos to Cart button and we will add all the photos you've selected to your shopping cart.

What About digital downloads?

Digital downloads are free for this event. Simply click on the icon at the bottom of the image near the buy button, this will start the download process onto your device. Feel free to use these images for any marketing or promotional needs. Thank you!  

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